Very happy with the trainer and my new body! The new facility is fabulous and the trainers are great. My trainer pushes me far enough so that I can see great results but not so hard that I won't want to go back.

I have recommended this facility to several individuals who are now training at this facility--everyone is happy.

Gail L.

Over the years I have tried many different workouts with many different trainers, I have never had the results that I've got here at YBYM. Shawn and his team are wonderful trainers. They have designed a workout program that takes into account my restrictions due to previous injuries. I haven't felt this healthy or looked as good in a long time. You can't go wrong with these guys.

Daniel M.

I've been working out with YBYM now for about 4 months and I'm down 30lbs! I'm someone that has struggled with their weight since day 1. Before YBYM, I had worked with 3 different trainers at Blink Fitness. While they were ok, none of them delivered the results that I'm experiencing now. It's a huge difference in expertise and quality. I've worked with multiple trainers in the gym, and they're pretty consistent with the experience provided (very rare). I'm a deal shopper at heart so even though YBYM may be more expensive than other places, I would pay double if I had to in order to get these results! They are really turning my body into a machine. It's an investment in being the best you possible. There's nothing greater than walking into a room and having everyone tell you how great you look!

Brandin C.

Shawn Rodgers of YBYM is truly a great trainer. I chose to work out along with a buddy of mine who was already in session with him. Our experience levels are very different, yet Shawn is able to manage both of us at the same time with ease. The workouts are pretty intense but Shawn has a good eye and can modify a workout so that it better suits you. He motivates and encourages you during the workout, keeping you moving the entire time, never a dull moment. He's pretty tough when it comes to diet, so the training doesn't stop at the end of each session, but continues throughout the day. I definitely recommend Shawn Rodgers or any of the other trainers on his team. They will definitely help you reach your goals. Good luck!!!!

Jose F.

I have been working out all my life I have worked with a lot of different trainers and I must say New York City there are a lot of trainers! It's hard to find good one I found great trainer at ybym they are very knowledgeable and sharp. The best thing about them never bored and my results show for themselves I like the fact that they track my meals everyday so that takes out a lot of the hard work and all I have to do is show up and work out I think Brian is amazing Dwayne is awesome and master trainer Shawn Rogers is always on top of his guys.

Bobby W.

I have been going to this gym for two years already, my trainer is Shawn he is great and really care about your goals and your diet, his workouts out are always different, he keeps you moving for the entire time. I have never been in such a good shape my arms, abs and legs are toned and defined, I have a problem with my lower back and he modifies all my workout to make my back stronger but always being carefull I don't get any pain. The gym is clean, all the staff is polite and very friendly, I highly recommend ybym and all their trainers.